Essentials – 12 months license

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The Essentials package is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. It gives you access to an intelligently designed and easy-to-use cloud service that is developed in Germany and operated in accordance with the principles of German data protection and data security law. This ensures the highest possible protection for your data. For details on the scope of services of this package, please refer to the description below. All prices plus legal value added tax of currently 19%. All offers are directed exclusively to entrepreneurs in the sense of §14 BGB.

With this package you can map essential parts of your organization. This could be sales, marketing and also the service area.

Control all your communication inside and outside your organization with just one user account.
For example, you can define in the process which of your employees should follow up on which customer contact.

You have up to 2,500 manageable contacts per user account. These can be automatically managed via up to 20 manageable campaigns. You have an unlimited total quota of emails that can be sent per month. The emails are sent via your internet provider. You need an unlimited SMTP access from your provider.

Every user of this package can contact our service department via email for technical questions.

The Essentials package also includes up to 50 free SMS per user account per month, which you can use for your own information and status messages or to contact your contacts via SMS.

You link your Internet site to your “cleverworks” account via an extensively documented web form interface. Contacts who fill out your form on your Internet site are immediately saved in your “cleverworks” account and can be serviced immediately via campaign. This makes it possible, for example, to set up autoresponder email systems. Internal tracking allows you to keep track of which contact has retrieved which information.

By intelligently linking multiple campaigns, your contact will only receive the information that is relevant to him/her. This way you reduce the unsubscribe rate of e-mails many times over and have created the possibility to turn your contacts into customers in a permanently automated way.

The deployment of this product can be up to 24h.

All packages include a 30-day money back guarantee. If you cancel the product within 30 days from the order date, then you will be refunded the total amount of your ordered product. This provision is valid once per customer.

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