Digital Exchange

European Data Hub Technology

Do you need to enable data exchange between different software systems?

Is that one of your challenges:

Connect online store

Need to connect your online store to a CRM system?

Connect Internet form

You need to collect data via a form on the Internet. The collected data is to be forwarded to another system via REST interface.

Data hub

You need to connect various cloud systems to your systems via REST.

IoT Notification

You have to save acquired sensor data and transmit notices to your service technicians via stored threshold values.

Transfer newsletter evaluations to a CRM

You need to transfer evaluations from click/open statistics to a CRM to follow an up-sell/cross-sell strategy.

Automatic, rule-based contact transmission

Based on rule-based conditions, enable automatic contact routing between different IT systems.

Complex connections

Highly flexible adaptation of the data hub to almost all transfer scenarios.

DSGVO compliant data transfer

European data hub, DSGVO compliant service.

Connect data exchange between different software systems via workflows!

Fast, simple, flexible via drag n drop.

Cleverworks® DigiExchange – Digital exchange between different systems.

From now on, use a single system that exchanges your digital data between different systems without programming anything. A data hub with which you can flexibly control the data flow based on rules via stored workflows. Everything conveniently via drag n drop.

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