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Can you make this happen quickly?

As a consultant today, you’re usually working in a time-for-money business. You have to be fast to give your customer a WOW moment. This has always been our goal for our partners: to develop a professional software system that not only creates a WOW for our partners but also for their customers. And you don’t have to program anything for it!

What can you change immediately?

Step 1: Multiplication of your services

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have ready-made templates of digital processes for different cases in marketing and sales? You can add to them and then sell them to your customers as often as you like.


You have identified a problem at your car dealer, how they can increase customer service and at the same time ensure better customer loyalty. For example, you use our template “Tire Change Service” for your car dealer. This template automatically reminds customers of the car dealer via email that the next tire change is due.

Since the tire change is often the entry point for further services, e.g. brakes worn out, tires worn out, etc., the car dealer would miss out on this business if he did not get the customer into the workshop via the tire service.

And the best thing for you as our partner, you can use it for many other car dealers as well and scale your digital service without reinventing the wheel. You will receive this and many other templates for free as part of our partner agreement. And of course, you can use this template and adapt it for other business areas.


You have helped the car dealer, who like every entrepreneur can turn the two “screws” (costs down <=> sales up) in his business with both screws and solved a problem. The reminder service saves costs, because the dispatch is automatic and provides at the same time over the date and for more conversion. And besides, if the vehicle stands already on the lifting platform, possibly for further conversions. Because if further problems are detected with the vehicle, this is the start of further upsells.

How can you expand your service?

Step 2: Scaling your service

For example, you’ve built a process for your target audience in such a way that it can be useful for other audiences as well. Why wouldn’t a dentist be interested in reminding his patients about the semi-annual dental check-up? If the patient is already in the dentist’s chair, then it is also interesting for the dentist to offer a dental cleaning, for example, or to find out what still needs to be “repaired” on your teeth. The best thing for you: You simply take the tire change template and adapt it for the doctor. Done. You have scaled your service without having to recreate the template.

The supreme discipline: passive revenue

Step 3: Rental model for your consulting service

Why don’t you rent your process know-how to your customers. Once created, you could offer the car dealership to rent this process from you for a small monthly amount. The advantage for you: You already have the process ready, why do you want to sell it to the dealership once for a lot of money? If you make him aware that he can also rent it monthly for a small amount of money, the noticeable success for the car dealership is more quickly recognizable, which may help you to get follow-up orders for further implementations with them.

An example:

You are a consultant and have recognized the problem that car dealerships are losing their customers to other car dealerships for certain services, e.g. cheap tire changes. When the car dealer takes the vehicle in, he also records the age and whether it is a purchase or lease vehicle and for what term. If the time comes that the customer may be interested in a follow-on vehicle, the dealership’s sales department receives a message to follow up with the customer.

Bottom line:

You’ve helped the dealership increase customer loyalty while enabling them to create additional offers for potential new or repeat customers. You participate with a permanent revenue stream, as the process is handled independently of the IT department via the Cleverworks Cloud service. Since you have this process ready, you can offer it to other car dealerships.

What does the practice look like?

1st step, the right systematics

As a consultant or agency, you know a lot about process design. No matter whether you are improving processes in marketing, sales or in the organization for your customers. For this to work smoothly, you need modern tools that enable digitization for your customers so that you can be booked as a consultant.

Today, your customers want to pay for implementation, not for a paper tiger in the form of a concept. For this, you need modern tools that not only enable the simple visualization of processes, but they should also work immediately with the visualization! This brings you as a consultant into a special customer relationship, because you deliver directly a solution that can be used practically. The middle class loves that! In addition to the Cleverworks process construction kit, we also provide you with a large number of directly applicable templates. So you can start immediately and win customers. Or you can use it with your existing customers for additional orders.

What can I do now?

You take the templates with practically implemented digital processes and offer them. Or you extend them for further business cases. Cleverworks is easy to use and you will be able to sell once designed digital processes to several other customers.

And: You will receive an affiliate commission from the monthly revenue of the Cleverworks packages.

This makes your consulting business scalable and multipliable!

Cleverworks is built in such a way that you can start immediately without reading a manual via our tutorial videos.

Isn't that too complicated to learn?

No. You digitize the business processes of your customers via drag and drop in the Cleverworks system. You can test them in your account and when you are done, you transfer the entire process to your customers. Done.

We would like to show you practically, also how we already work together with our partners in this win-win situation for many years. Contact us now by phone. +49 661 9628358.

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