Sales Automation

Leads tracked?

Manually it doesn’t work!
Strategy + automatic process = success.

Reaction to lead activity

A lead looks at your product page.
=> Your sales department is informed.

Auto Follow Up

Your lead is interested in a topic.
=> Automatic dispatch to the topic.

Info-Sending to Lead?

One press of a button and Lead gets desired info and auto-follow-up.

Lead Profile

Automatic capture of lead interests, instead of manual capture.


Gapless logging of automatic and manual interests of the lead.

Make your sales happy!

Salesautomation® method and unique software


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Strategy + automatic process = success
with the help of our clever software

Capture Lead

Via your homepage, via LeadAds, via social media, captured manually, via business card scan or from your CRM/shop.

Lead Qualification

Have the lead’s interest qualified via automatic sends (campaigns) e.g. email, SMS, Slack, Twitter.

Sales is informed

Your sales force is informed as soon as your lead is ready to engage with your products. Not before.

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