Functions / Features

Functions and Features ! 

Automate easy and successful communication processes


Building a Sales Funnel in less than 5 Minutes


1 to 1 communication

Send a newsletter to all? That’s out. Individual communication is our premise!

Sales taxes

Build sales processes easily by drag/drop and start right away. Incl. Including the sales staff!


Build and manage multiple sales and marketing processes in a single environment.


Keep in touch with customers and leads via email or SMS. Other channels of communication in preparation.

Meaningful statistics

Comprehensive statistics provide transparency, which is exactly what your contacts and customers are interested in.

Modern contacts management

Maintain contacts and addresses easily via Internet browser. With freely selectable additional fields for data storage.


Whether through a web form or the data import. Several routes are available for simultaneous use. Even with double-opt-in testing.

Simple operation

Start without a manual. No software installation on the PC. Well explained Screencast-Videos.

Latest technology

Modern technology allows the use of the system on almost all computers, tablets and smartphones. Data access from anywhere securely.


By SSL (Secure Socket Layer) the data is encrypted to and from the Internet browser of the user. With up to 256 bits.

Availability 24/7

Available 24h and 7 days a week for 356 days.


The system “speaks” more than one language (currently: German / English) with automatic detection.