Email Marketing

With email marketing, an advertising message is sent to potential customers via an email. Many may consider this variant old-fashioned, but it is still very common. Customer acquisition is still done this way and can be quite successful. But what exactly is it all about?

The term email marketing explained

With email marketing, prospective customers are sent an email containing information about a specific product. This form of online marketing is easy to harness and can provide for some new customers.
It is next to the classic newsletter, also a good alternative. In addition, email marketing is legally the best, because it does not violate anything and also does not contain annoying advertising. With the help of a lead form and lead generation, potential customers can be transferred to a CRM system.

Goals of email marketing

Customer acquisition is the top priority in this form of online marketing. This is realized with lead generation, which are stored in a list.

At the same time, one goal is to provide valuable information to the potential customer and draw attention to one’s product. It can also help to see what is actually in demand on the market and whether the target group actually responds to it. Thus, a contact qualification can also be carried out at the same time, which ensures that you have qualified your target group with buying interest in the end.

What factors does this strategy need to be successful?

First, there is some information that absolutely must be included in the email. You should make it clear to your potential customer what you are actually trying to achieve. In addition, it should be clear to the customer what he will gain from buying your product and which problem you solve. Make sure you have a clear structure so that everything is in the right order. Otherwise, it may confuse the recipient, which is certainly not what you wanted to achieve. In addition to the email campaigns, you should also consider the follow-up of the customer contact. After all, the exchange of information needed afterwards is the key to developing contact with a customer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage is that email marketing costs practically nothing and you can address your contacts free of charge over time. It is your address list. In other strategies, you have to pay for promotions, which is not applicable here. Not like a conversation or call, where you might disturb your potential customer or reach them at a time when they are not interested in buying. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about contact persons getting irrelevant stuff. In addition, you can adjust your mailing process at any time, which may result in additional target groups that you are not focusing on today.

The disadvantage here is that you need to have a certain technical understanding in order to find a suitable strategy for yourself and build up the corresponding campaigns. You should also consider data protection factors, which play a significant role here.